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To publish a book, you need time and a whole lot of know-how. What if you have an in-depth, world-changing message, but you don’t have the experience or resources to publish your book? No worries, we are here to help! Get your creative content published and into print with the help of the finest book publishers in the US, and deliver your message across the globe.
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City light Publishers is a leading book publishing company that serves talented book writers, aspiring writers, business professionals, and entrepreneurs and meets their book publishing demands on time. No matter whichever book publishing services you have opted for, our professional will ensure that you get the desired results. We offer our top expertise throughout the project, from book writing and printing to marketing and distribution. Talk to our customer representative to know what our award-winning book publishers can do for you!

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Our Process

Our Proofreading Process

Draft Submission

The client submits the draft along with a set of editing instructions.

Proofreading and Editing

Once the draft is received, we assign an experienced editor to review, analyze, proofread, and edit the content thoroughly.

Secondary Editing Typesetting, Images,

After the editing work is completed, we set the right font, include images and graphical illustrations.

Designing the Book

We design the book, keeping all important aspects in mind. All the books are designed with front and back covers, author bios, table of contents, etc.

Publishing and Distribution

After getting the approval of the design, the manuscript is published in the clients’ required formats.

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