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At City Lights Publishers, we understand that international book formatting standards can get in the way of your creative process resulting in intrusion of creativity as well as problems in publishing. Our expert can help solve these problems for you!
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World-Class Book Formatting Solutions For Your Books

At City Lights Publishers, our team of experts make sure that your book is format-ready no matter where you want to publish it. Our formatting experts analyze the exact formatting needs according to your target niche and audience and let you focus on creative writing that matters the most.


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Our team has the expertise, experience and know-how to run excellent book marketing campaigns. We are familiar with the best strategies to target the right prospects to sell your books.

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No matter the genre, we utilize the right tools and platform to market your book. We are experts in brand management, advertising, social media, algorithms, influencing, and analytics.

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We tailor the services we deliver to the requirements of your project, fully taking into account your plans and ideas and your book's genre.

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Got an idea but have no experience how to write? Feel Free to contact us today. We provide highly trustworthy book ghostwriting services to clients.

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